Chairman's Message

Korea Foreign Company Association (FORCA) is a private economic organization formed by representatives of foreign-invested companies in 1978 and serves as a bridge between foreign-invested companies and the government.
Currently, the association’s main activities include the support of investment and management activities and policy proposals to benefit FORCA members. Based on this, various services are available for our members to focus on economic activities which will help to build a better business environment for our members in South Korea.

There are estimated 16,000 foreign-invested companies in South Korea, contributing to the national economic development by creating new employment, improving trade balance, attracting foreign investment, and establishing advanced technologies and business culture.
Through this, foreign companies contributed to further providing new opportunities for youth employment and creating diverse industrial jobs, further contributing to growth engines and dynamics of the national economy. As global foreign companies establish itself into the domestic economy, cultural and business environment will be enhanced to better aligned with global standards.

As a support organization for foreign-invested companies, the association works with specialized companies in each field to provide more custom solution and differentiated business support services to better serve our members. In addition, by establishing effective communication with the government, we will work closely to adhere to the government policies and activities to deliver our members’ concerns related to both business and economic policies to better foreign business relations.

Therefore, the FORCA will establish its position as representative and practical economic organization for our members, having interests of all foreign-invested companies in Korea and having a commitment to strengthen our role as effective and united organization. As united FORCA, we will do our very best to voice our members’ interests to improve the quality of FORCA’s representation in Korea.